AI, we’re told, is the future. But what will that look like? Should an image be considered Art if it’s generated by a deep learning model? Perhaps not. Who exactly is the author? The human writing the prompt? Or the robot—drawing from a data set? Or is it collaborative?

This series was made with artificial intelligence. Language prompts were chosen to highlight topics like analog photography, nostalgia, surveillance, urban routine, and the relationships between human labor and automation. By design, a majority of the images are grounded in a physical setting: New York City. But where are we in time? Are we looking at something that has happened or something that could? And who are we looking at? Is it the robots or ourselves?

If it is Art, it’s Not for Sale. Instead, prints are available to take home as a token of a donation made to World Central Kitchen (WCK) WCK is a Washington D.C.-based non-profit, which delivers meals to people living in places around the world where there is currently extreme food insecurity. All funds go directly to WCK. Payments can be made digitally, and are tax-deductible. If you’re interested in owning work from this series please send inquiries to